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Processing Trade Data

The trade data analysis may take up to a few minutes. Please be patient.

If the analysis stops, please refresh to continue processing.

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Trade Dashboard

Advanced Data Search

This search gives you access to raw trade data presented as tables, charts and maps ... Choose your product, origin and destination then explore the data.

HS Code

We save you the hassle, Start Typing in the field below and see your suggestions appear!

Best Suggested Markets

Use the Search button below to find the best Market for your HS Code.

Country Profiles

Search by Country, Select your Country from the list below then click the Submit Button.

Generate a Quick Market Pointer

Generate a Quick Market Pointer showing statistical trade data on a specific product to a specific market, highlighting prices, quality, quantity and market access requirements. The pointer also shows economic and other information on the destination of your export.

Interactive World Map

This map provides a few pre-configured indicators for browsing. Click on an indicator to switch the map.