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What is Export?

Export simply defined is the trade of goods and services outside a country or region. When evaluating export the basic elements of trade should be considered. Within this toolkit/manual we will focus on the merchandise trade of agricultural specialty commodities. Merchandise trade refers to the trade of tangible goods. Specialty commodities are food and beverages typically of high  quality and/or unique in nature with added-value appeal. Experienced specialty food and beverage exporters, will attest to how much the export process has been altered over the last decade due to globalization, changing priorities, technologies andpattern of trade on a geographic level. The world is now global and specialty commodities are being traded across many borders. Caribbean specialty food and beverage providers need to  understand export and the  process to capitalize and sell their products globally.

To export, it is recommended that companies carefully examine the pros and cons of exporting while assessing their internal and external strengths and weakness to measure export readiness.